Ventilated Brick Slip System for use in a multitude of situations and build types 

A1 Fire Rated for use on buildings up to 100mtrs. tall

ETAG 034 Accredited

30 year Warranty

Can be left un-pointed

What is SCANROC?

SCANROC is breathable facade system based on superior high technology. Sophisticated materials as well as innovative physical solution provide excellent thermal insulation properties. Permanent-ventilation interior structure guarantees ideal home comfort and integrated humidity removal.

It is suitable for a wide range of construction methods and build types.  Most notably, it is Class A1 Fire Rated for use in buildings up to 100mtrs high, along with with a 30 year warranty and ETAG 034 Accreditation (European Technical Approved Guideline for External Wall Cladding) SCANROC can be specified in complete confidence.   The system is even designed to be left un-pointed if desired, thus saving time and money.  It can be used in new build and refurbishment projects and can be insulated using non-combustible materials, making this a true winner for those projects where this type of performance is essential.      By using real clay brick slips from DKM Brick Cladding, an entirely integrated system such as this can be very attractive indeed.

For over 20 years SCANROC has been leading the way in Ventilated Facade design and with over 5 million sq. mtrs supplied since the business began in 2000, it is now undeniably at the forefront of manufacturing expertise.  There is full technical back-up and accredited performance with this range of products, and we are proud to be associated with this industry leading facade system. 

Domestic Housing

Whether the project is an extension, refurbishment or new build SCANROC is ideal as a contemporary ventilated facade system where contemporary construction methods are being employed.

Commercial and
High Rise

SCANROC has a complete range of brick slips and concrete facings to create fascinating contemporary styles or more traditional facades.  The system can be used to create individual styles and designs that are A1 Fire Rated with a 30 year warranty. 

Construction Professionals

We have a full range of technical back-up including an in-house project design service.  Please contact us for more details

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Ideal for Modular & Off-Site

The SCANROC VFS-1 ventilated facade system is designed so that it can be directly mounted on external walling substrates. 

The system is commonly used for the rejuvenation of structures where the existing finish is either vulnerable to the ravages of climate or is tired and unsightly.   SCANROC VFS-1 is a development of the full SCANROC system that allows for it to be used specifically on refurbishments and building facade upgrades – even on high-rise up to 100 mtrs.  It is A1 Fire Rated so you ca use it with complete confidence.

As SCANROC VFS-1 does not include any insulation within its design, the main structural wall design will satisfy the requirements of construction standards as to heat transfer resistance.

The UK brochure is here

Classic Colours

Extruded Concrete Tiles 598mm x 30mm x 106mm

Deluxe Colours

Extruded Concrete Tile 299mm x 30mm x 106mm

Brick Slips

Extruded Clay Brick Slips in four size formats:-
Imperial 225mm x 65mm
Imperial + 300mm x 65mm
NF 250mm x 71mm
NF+ 300x 71mm

Brick Slip Deluxe

Extruded Clay Brick Slips in four size formats:-
Imperial 225mm x 30mm 65mm
Imperial + 300mm x 30mm x 65mm
NF 250mm x 30mm x 71mm
NF+ 300mm x 30mm x 71mm


Polished Concrete tiles
600mm x 30mm x 200mm

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we do our best to ensure that the colours shown are a true representation of the original.  However, please be aware that physical examplpes may vary from the colours shown on this website.