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What is so great about King Klinker?

This is a precision made range of UK Format Brick Slips that are on stock in the UK ready for immediate delivery.  Using the UK standard metric format of 215mm x 14mm x 65mm, the standard range of slips is both comprehensive and available.  The video above shows you that the production facility is a real state of the art manufacturing plant that can produce vast quantities in reasonable time scales.  For those larger projects, it is also possible to make some of the more obscure shades as a special production run.


The King Size Range of slips is an unusual choice – an offer for people who value and Avant Garde style and who like to break away from the norm. They stand out by their size (490mm x 52mm), which is much larger than traditional formats. Longitudinal proportions allow you to create an extremely elegant appearance, accentuating smoothly running horizontal lines emphasizing the colourful melange of ceramics and metal. In the King Size collection there are 18 tile colours available: from strong red, smoky brown, through grey and shades of anthracite, to opalescent black.  Absolutely fabulous!

The Standard UK Format Range

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King Size Range

Avant Garde range of contemporary styles. 490mm x 15mm x 52mm